Monday, February 12, 2007

Wow, that looks quite ridiculous eh? The selector switch and it's knob are both bigger than the transformers! This is a basic concept- a potentiometer (10k log, from PEC) on the secondary of a 10k:10k transformer. Input drives the primary, through the selector switch, which also switches grounds. The selector is a huge ceramic silver plated job from russian surplus.

Looks quite insane doesn't it? Well, don't bust my chops too much- it's well made, but fairly crammed in the chassis (which had previously been used for another project).

The idea was brought back to my mind by the discussion of the "Ingot" on the Magnequest forum at Audio Asylum. I'd previously used the topology (now that I think of it) as a volume control stage for a dac.

Fun eh? We'll see how it sounds!