Monday, October 23, 2006

Baddy's upstairs rig

The upstairs rig

This is the upstairs rig, which is a pair of fullrangers in nice cabs from middle branch furniture (Marlboro, NY), with helper tweeters (still working out the kinks there, the new peerless HDS tweeters will be in service there soon enough). Down below, we have Eminence Magnum 15HO drivers in sealed cabs (courtesy of your badness)... but they're not running yet. They used to be in the big rig, until I got those neat-o rethms to play with. Mostly this rig is used for movies, via the Motorola DCP-500 receiver: a high power class D receiver with a linear power supply and tripath chips for $99 shipped via ebay.... I have several of them, what a deal! MSRP was $900, but they weren't marketable. (expensive all-in one/cable box). Sounds very good.

But that rig has a ways to go yet, lacking the refinement of the big rig (and the price tag). Speaking of the big rig...
Here we have the latest change, the heils on the rethms. A little doublesided tape has superceded the stands (how sad!) which are now on the porch of forgotten hifi. The expected improvement in wavefront integration was more than, well, expected... we're havin' some lovely stuff here boys and girls!

Keep tuned, and you'll know when I do.....
And oh yeah, adjusted the preamp a bit too....


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