Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Here they are: the galacticons! CSS ( FR125 fullrange drivers, with Adire's XBL^2 (tm) motor structure, in sealed metal enclosures- damped with a special compound, the structure is overall comprised of: aluminum, plywood, soft damping compound loaded with sand. They have a foam liner for acoustic absorbtion, which should be plenty effective at the frequencies which this spherical enclosure would tend to reinforce. The cable is, of course, all Poth, hardwired. Specifically, a 4 wire braid of 18 awg solid core copper, high purity and annealed several times during production), intended to match this design.

We'll see how they do on my desk at work (, I'm the Sales, Marketing, and Website Coordinator in my day job, Poth Audio is a nights and weekends proposition).


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