Thursday, October 12, 2006

At the desk of the badman

The Galacticons in situ. Sounding good, driven off the little Sonic Impact T-amp. Obviously level limited, due to the low sensitivity of the drivers (about 85dB) and the low output of the T-amp, but that's a non-issue given that it's at work. You can see that I have a window, I am not made for cubicular existence. They look a whole lot better than their predecessors, which used a pair of WR125ST per side, right on top of each other, and a ratshack linaeum supertweeter... they sound darn fine, do the others, but looked like heck, given that they were some of my first cabinets, and were just test-boxes.

These sound very good indeed, however if I were to listen to them out of the nearfield, I'd have to add baffle step compensation, (which, imo, is best, most affordably and most easily accomplished line-level).


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