Monday, October 16, 2006

Nifty stands

Oooh look at the cosmetics matching! The columnar stands are oak baseplates (3 layers laminated, 2 rectangular, one circular, all with bevels, sanded and shellac'd), the top are a combination of oak (rectangular) and ply (circular) with the same treatment. The circular pieces on the top and bottom have the tube inset into them (Sched. 40 PVC, painted, filled with expanding urethane foam for rigidity and damping)

The stands are rather tall (as you can see) but that allows the AMTs room to breathe (they're bipolar). XO is still active first order, but moved up to 6500Hz, with silver mica caps doing the filter honors. You can see the Transcendent OTL SE driving the Rethms, and the Fi X is configured for 4 ohm output via magnequest OPTs, driving the AMTs.

Next to the transcendent are a set of Paul Speltz's Zero Autoformers: nifty little devices that allow you to multiply or divide your speaker impedance. Adding a transformer to an OTL may seem silly, but OTLs are best suited to high loads, and these autoformers are a more ideal case of transformer than the normal higher ratio stepdowns that must handle DC current used in typical SET. We'll see if they do what we want.

Next post: The bedroom rig: where the groove happens!


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