Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Some Miscellaneous ramblings and my office rig

The Dyanco Super 70, an Audio by Van Alstine rebuild of the classic kit amp (New driver stage, power supply). This is replacing a little Sonic Impact T-Amp, the $30 wonder amp. Well, this AVA piece is definitely a lot more powerful and has better mid and detail, but there seems to be a less airy top end. Wondering if I just need to let it get up to speed. It definitely doesn't suck.
Had to re-rectifier and rebias and replace a broken Silver Mica cap in this, but otherwise in decent shape. I bet a little TLC and I could get some real singing out of this.

Beneath it is a DIY build into an old Rotel CD player chassis (waste not, want not). Microprocessor controlled relay and resistor network, 4 source selection, 99 step 1dB volume control, balance, mute functions. Nice little box to stack under a power amp when you really need an integrated and not an active linestage. Basic Pioneer CD changer (a better dac would open things up, so may go to hard disc playback with a dac) And of course, these are driving the Galacticons (scroll down). Pretty darn good office system. And yes, the FR125s can bump a little bit, though ultimately still a 4.5"

In the bedroom rig, the Peerless HDS tweeters are singing nicely, I have the whole setup wired as a 2.5 way first order (midrange/woofer first order at 240Hz, cap coupled tweeter, no lowpass on the mid), and it's pretty rocking. The 15"s don't overpower the room, even run passively, which is lucky.

Working on a big preamp next, probably, octals w/phonostage. Got the parts, need the time. Anyone got a week to spare?


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